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Proud to provide excellent care to the Boulder area.

We Make Your Health Our Primary Goal

Are you looking for a compassionate and reliable primary care doctor in Boulder, CO? We are a privately-owned medicine practice providing personalized health services close to home. As a patient-centered facility, we are dedicated to your health and comfort, offering high-quality services in a convenient and relaxed setting at our clinic in Boulder.

What Makes Us the Best Primary Care Doctor in Boulder?


Crossroads Medical Center delivers convenient and comprehensive primary care to all, so you can get the most appropriate care. What sets us apart from other providers is that our clinic is independently-owned. This gives our patients the unique opportunity to feel connected to their own healthcare team. 

If you are looking for the premier primary care physician near Boulder, CO? 

We can provide the high-quality care you deserve.

Live Better Boulder Through Personalized Care

What Does Personalized Primary Care Mean?

If you are near Boulder, your endless search for a “primary care doctor near me” ends at Crossroads Medical Center. Our primary care physician team offers comprehensive, continuous, and personal care for patients of all ages. Whether it’s minor illnesses, examinations, diabetes, or post-op management and injuries, our primary care physicians deliver compassionate healthcare that goes beyond the call of duty.

It's About More Than Medicine

As primary care providers, we offer more than just medicine. Our team of doctors and other health care professionals take into account all facets of your well-being, not just your symptoms. We put you at the center of our care and strive to help you achieve the best possible health for your whole self — body, mind, and spirit. Apart from physicians, our comprehensive care teams include behavioral and medical health specialists and educators who coordinate an individualized treatment approach for every patient. Our all-inclusive, individualized care plan, committed to keeping your family healthy, is designed for you by the physician who knows your specific needs best.

A Patient Center Approach to Healthcare in Boulder

In our clinic, your dedicated care team meets regularly to discuss your overall health and wellness. This approach is designed to ensure you are achieving the proper care for your needs and situation. Working as a team, we reduce stress and help you recover faster and live your best life sooner. For us, the more holistic our approach to treatment, the more confident we’ll be in our ability to support long-term recovery. Our experts offer excellence in patient care that is always backed by our advanced technology and an extensive range of medical experience.
Boulder primary care doctor Crossroads Medical Center

NOT Owned & Operated By BIG Medicine

As opposed to a corporate healthcare environment, you gain the following benefits from us:

Our collaborative approach empowers you to become a full partner in your overall health.
Our integrated care offers you the most accurate care possible at the highest standard possible.
We coordinate care across our network of specialists to help manage your health efficiently.
We believe in open communication and easy access to your care team when you need it most.
Our registered nurses and other health specialists provide support and help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

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Primary Care Near Me in Boulder, CO

We aim to help you feel better faster so that your recovery time is as short as possible.  Contact us today for more information or to request an appointment.

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