Covid-19 Updates

We are open for regular hours, and are here to address your medical needs! Here are a few things we are doing to support our patients during this time:

1. Telemedicine: In addition to traditional office visits, we are temporarily offering telemedicine appointments. If you have respiratory symptoms or a fever, one of our providers will see you via telemedicine that day. If needed, we will schedule a follow up in-office appointment.  We are also offering telemedicine visits for other cases. Please call the office to see if this style of visit would be appropriate for you.

2. Triage: Patients are screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before scheduling. Patients who have symptoms of COVID-19 are seen via telemedicine, and not in the office for the safety of both patients and staff. 

3. Transmission Prevention: As always, we keep our office extremely clean and patients rooms are always cleaned between visits. Patients are checked in using individual rooms to avoid lobby crowding. We are follow CDC guidelines for personal protective equipment and transmission reduction. We encourage patients to follow CDC guidelines including: social distancing, good hand hygiene, covering coughs, wearing masks, cleaning surfaces and avoiding face touching. If symptomatic, please self-quarantine and call the office for guidance.

4. Testing: We are able to order both the COVID-19 antibody serology test and COVID-19 PCR swab. The antibody blood test is appropriate for asymptomatic patients who think they may have had COVID-19 in the past, while the PCR swab is appropriate for acutely sick patients or those with possible COVID-19 exposure. For the safety of our patients, PCR testing is ordered through local drive-through testing sites, not performed in the office. 

5. COVID-19 Vaccines: At this time the vaccine appears to be the best approach to combating the covid-19 pandemic. Our providers and staff are fully vaccinated. Initial research on both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines shows promising results, and good safety data. As there are no long-term studies, we cannot comment on any long-term effects or issues with the vaccines. We encourage patients to make decisions that they feel best represent their health goals. Because the vaccine needs to be stored at very cold temperatures, we will not be able to carry them in the office. Vaccine distribution is managed by the public health department. To sign up for notifications for when the covid-19 vaccine will be available to you, please visit the Boulder County Public Health website

Remember to practice self-care during this stressful time! Relax, take deep breaths and get some fresh air. For more information about the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend going to the CDC or Boulder County Public Health website.